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afforest amounts to mark
Posted by xiao12345 
afforest amounts to mark
April 17, 2018 05:06AM
Shandong's exclusive Campagna afforest amounts to mark city, it is base of the forestry production with countrywide Campagna the largest area, treatment, exit. This city has anti-static composite porch flooring forest land face to accumulate 2.85 million mus, farm forest net 10.82 million mus, forest save up measures 12.82 million stere, year lumber treatment measures 5 million stere, forestry society total production value 9 billion yuan. Nearly 500

thousand person is engaged in forest products processing trade, year machine production value 5 billion yuan, implementation profit tax 600 million yuan; Forest products exit no cracks lightweight composite board is achieved collect 150 million dollar, sell 28 province, city of past whole nation, export the 20 many countries such as Japan, Korea, United States and area. Among them tung wood has an advantage most, he lustre has aricultural intercrop area

3.5 million mus, it is the throughout the country's biggest tung timber production and distributing center center. In the meantime, he lustre or throughout the country's biggest faced chipboard available size in uae willow braid manufacturing base, a surname grow an area 150 thousand mus, at present this city already formed poplar, paulownia, fruit, flowers, a surname, the base of 8 big forestry such as material of mulberry of nursery stock, silkworm,
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