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technology group of industry
Posted by xiao12345 
technology group of industry
April 17, 2018 12:45AM
to save bamboo cane industry. Association of cane of Hainan province bamboo is the technology group of industry sex and of a mass character, it is the industry combine of industry of average price for installed deck with railings cane of Hainan province bamboo, dispute seeks profits sexual organism. Its tenet is: Hold to the scientific manner of be practical and realistic, hold to theory and the principle that integrate actually, develop democracy, hold to

scientific moral fashion, solidarity and deck board square footage organization are broad the scientific worker that is engaged in promotion of research of bamboo cane industry, technology, care, support is engaged in the production of bamboo cane industry and administrative worker, concern jointly be engaged in Zhu Teng research and promotion, Zhu Teng is bred and be being managed, the unit of development of Zhu Teng product, balcony tiling waterproof canada production and sale

and enterprise. Abide by constitution of People's Republic of China, law, code, undertake inside the industry ego is coordinated, ego tie, ego management, ego is perfect, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of course of study of one's own profession, serve for government and industry, enterprise and society, fredericksburg wholesale fence posts industry of stimulative bamboo cane grows, improve economic benefits and its zoology benefit, society
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