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raw material many
Posted by xiao12345 
raw material many
April 16, 2018 08:06PM
construction industry raw material many mus 900. The bamboo forest high yield that aims to expand bamboo line of business is bred, zoology of river river two sides defends demonstrative pressed concreate vs composite decks base of scientific research of industry of bamboo construction, bamboo and bamboo forest high yield is built, also obtained initial effect. The Fujian Province still is built energetically " silvan travel project " , already built 20

part now park of provincial above forest, among them 9 are park of national level forest, management area 88 thousand hectare. Last year, only park of forest of 9 states level welcomes bathroom plastic wall panels a visitor 1.7 million person-time. Here, the Fujian Province still produces biology diversification advantage, exert oneself carried out biology diversification to protect a project. Since last year, the Fujian Province built Na Jinghu

groove guard of nature of level of state of uncle small house is peak of hill of He Yongtai cane, Tai Ninge Mei, senior source of river of the hill of dragon of lowing an elongated outside decking from recycled pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions, Fujian that establish peace, You Xi 9 mound. Wintersweet hill saves Cheng of wild chemical industry of Hua Nahu breed to obtain national approval to
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