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laminate flooring in terms
Posted by xiao12345 
laminate flooring in terms
April 16, 2018 01:32AM
<p>the European Code incident exposure, playing in the Codex body, the pain in the industry body. Because our flooring industry is facing a crisis of honesty and credit, we opened the forum for honesty and trust four times in a row. At that time, President Ding Weidong told me, thank you, our business is much better after the European Code was exposed. I said that good. I have been telling the truth, including the current Rhine sun, come to me, I tell the truth. The bigger the brand,
<a href="[vivaanjewels.in] sheet thickness price</a> the bigger the advertisement, the more attention it is. This </p>
<p>year's meeting in Media, I said now the industry is crazy, '3.15' exposure, March 20 what floor tax increase, what floor export tax to 10%. We are familiar with the national customs, we know very well. So now the 9 major marketing terminals, we must consider.
<a href="[vivaanjewels.in] of decks with roofs</a> Jilin forest workers must have laminate flooring laminate flooring, flooring must be two at the same time. Marketing can not be divided into two terminals, divided into two, I will think you can not change the problems of state-owned enterprises. Everyone has a background, and I </p>
<p>am also a state-owned enterprise. Now China's flooring industry is the boss, so many state-owned enterprises,
<a href="[vivaanjewels.in] Wall Panel China</a> Jilin forest workers good, Wuwei Sanwei (sound) is not bad, Sanwei (tone) boss is my former student. Jilin forest workers must try to listen to distributors, but dealers should also pay attention to improve themselves. We have a few, the first dealer must be invested, the so-called investment, not just capital, the most important is energy. Effort, investment funds, terminal input. Second, we must choose the best market stalls, to </p>
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