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wooden flooring 20 years
Posted by xiao12345 
wooden flooring 20 years
April 13, 2018 05:43AM
<p>always includes Lu Bin, have done a high degree of summing up, I summarize this a lot. Due to the time, I can not discuss more. I have been doing wooden flooring for 20 years. At that time, I was doing wooden flooring. It was a development of high technology to high technology and transformation of science and technology into productive force. At that time, I wrote an article that forestry should be market-oriented,<a href='http://weetwood.org/eco-panel/1030.html'>swimming pool decking cover</a> . At that time still planned economy, I was doing a small floor. China's floor business, only in the northeast, but also the first </p>
<p>northeastern Dunhua. Changbai Mountain around the area, I finished each forest area. Jilin Forest Industry Group, Jinqiao several floor plants I have been to, especially large stones, I was free construction, floor underwriting, and today developed here, I see Jilin forest workers, I feel more. You made the first particleboard production line, I am a judge, and later I Jinqiao are very familiar, I try to figure out China's flooring industry, why this industry will produce? Is the war between the circulation industry. <a href='http://weetwood.org/eco-panel/1031.html'>building materials wholesale alabama</a>I am very glad to come to Jilin </p>
<p>Forest Workers today, and I come to your factory for the third time today. First of all, Jilin forest workers leadership, the national dealer seminar, we are all in the marketing front, we are all positive to promote the development of the market. Jilin forest workers 2.2 billion, not afraid of money, but your product sales in the country how?<a href='http://weetwood.org/eco-panel/1032.html'>composite siding prices</a>Production is important, or marketing important? Please raise your hand if you think production is important If you think marketing is important, please raise your hand, and I hope everyone is raising their </p>
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