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punishment decides a book
Posted by xiao12345 
punishment decides a book
February 14, 2018 09:27PM
punish 2017 ? of word ? 732 administration punishment decides a book, beijing hundred because limited company of health kitchen furniture is disobeyed " law of prevention and cure of air pollution of black tile laminate flooring People's Republic of China " relevant byelaw, be in fine with 30 thousand yuan. Toward environmental protection 732 administration punish 2017 ? of the ? that punish a word decide the

book shows, on September 4, 2017, bureau of sunny area wood plastic fence supplier in malaysia environmental protection executes the law personnel to Beijing hundred limited company of health kitchen furniture undertook the spot is checked, classics investigation is checked after, discover this unit undertakes arising diy patio deck bench made with composite lumber containing the manufacturing activity of waste gas of volatile organic matter, did not undertake in airtight

space, did not prevent and cure according to formulary installation, use pollution establishment. Afore-mentioned facts have the spot to check (reconnaissance) note, investigation inquiry notes, poly carbonate decking materials the evidence such as spot photograph is by. This behavior was disobeyed " law of prevention and cure of air pollution of People's Republic of China " the 45th regulation. According to " law of
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