How to Care for Your Wood Floor

Wood floors bring appeal and beauty into a home. That is why they remain a popular flooring option for homeowners today. They add rustic charm, luxury, and sophistication to the area and can be added to most any room in the house. But, wood is a bit harder to care for than some of the other flooring options. It is worth the extra care when you want the dramatic look in your home. Use the tips below and those provided by Orlando flooring companies when you buy your flooring to ensure that your wood floor looks great for longer.

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Walk carefully on your floor, and you will prolong the life of the wood considerably. Although you should not walk on pins and needles to ensure your wood floor is maintained, it is a good idea that you watch how you were walking.  You should also remove shoes when entering the home or before walking on the wood to prevent scratching and scuffing.

Did you know there is a right temperature to keep your floor to protect the wood? Ideal wood temperature for a floor ranges between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity level should range between 30 to 50%. When your wood flooring maintains the most ideal temperatures, it prevents planks from gaping and buckling, and also keeps them durable and strong all year long. If you want to protect your wood, keep ideal temperatures in your home throughout the year.

Be sure the floors are kept clean. Sweep the floors regularly and use a duster. Purchase a special hardwood floor cleaner to use on the floors twice each week to add shine and sheen. Do not use products designed to add shine, polish, or a product that claims to rejuvenate the floor. They can harm the wood.